My first (very important) post

So, here I am, writing my very first post on my blog. I should write about contemporary affairs, important news, inventions that will cure some malady – you know, something important. Right?

Right. Something meaningful. Something that will rock your world.

Here goes. Are you ready?

Puppies and Kittens.

See? I provide meaningful services here. You’re welcome.


6 responses to “My first (very important) post

    • Why thank you! I hope you appreciated the life-shattering information I shared just now. This blog is going to change the world. Or not 🙂

    • Thank you! This all part of my plot to rule the world – first the important posts, then the important er… pies and then… EVERYTHING! *Evil laugh*

      (I’m sleep-deprived, I have an excuse for this behaviour)

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