Food – or lack of it thereof

So I was home, surfing the net working really hard when I realised I was hungry. I wanted some toast. I could just about imagine it dripping with butter (or some other vegetable dodgy butter-like substance that Better Half seems to enjoy so much), warm and crunchy… oh yum! Off I went, put my bread in the toaster and opened the fridge to get my butter.

There. Was. No. Butter. Or butter-like substance. There was nothing! Argh.


Ok, don’t panic, I thought. There’s always the very mediterranean olive oil on bread, it’s healthy and nice too, right? Off to the cupboard.

There was also no olive oil.

Bottom line: I may or may not have opened a tin of mackerel in olive oil just to use the oil for my bread. Also, I might need to go shopping soon for food. Maybe.


4 responses to “Food – or lack of it thereof

  1. no! ewww! EWWW!

    similarly though, one time, i had no mixer for my brandy (i used to like brandy & coke A LOT) so i bust open a tin of fruit and used it’s syrup.
    i’ve never been able to look at brandy or gooseberries the same way since :/

    • Hah, yours sounds a little like my “chocolate mousse with a little vodka” experiment (only it wasn’t a little vodka, it was *a lot*) – I ended up with a stomach ache and no drunkenness to help…

      Brandy and tinned fruit syrup – you could start a trend! 😀

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