Jingle bells and all that malarkey

I do love their work. And guess what, it’s an ego boost to be mentioned 🙂


It’s a big of a relief to be honest that it’s now December. We have been designing and hand making Christmas since August in TheBigForest hut and its been hard to edit out all the  activity from the blog until now. Anyway, finally, a few posts with Christmas goods. SantaBlogTheBigForest

We make a strictly limited number of these beautifully detailed heirloom santas  each year and when they have gone…..well they are gone! Check out the ‘click here to find out….’  section at the top of the blog for links to our on-line shops.

And I friendly wave to all those folks we met at Made in Clerkenwell over the weekend including the lovely Emanuel and Leonor who inspired us (see Leonors work by clicking here x) and Lundy Girl (who I missed as I was in Leeds, grrr!). It was a super successful event (looks like we can afford sherry…

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