Just another interaction with Better Half

Big toe with weird smiley tattoo

This was the nicest, least scary toe I could find, I swear.

Yesterday evening, Better Half and I were brushing our teeth together (we like to do these romantic things, foaming mouths and all) when Better Half turned around and accidentally bumped his big toe against the bathtub.  I think he almost swallowed his toothbrush.

Being the ever-considerate partner, I blurted out the perfect words for the occasion: “Oh, no! Did it hurt?”

Better Half rinses his mouth, looks at me and says in a slightly high-pitched voice: “Of course not. You know why?” Points to feet. “I am wearing very thin socks; and that, as we know, makes all the difference.”

And off he goes, limping proudly.

(PS – I had the lovely idea of googling ‘big toe’ to illustrate this post. Gag.)


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