It’s that time for new resolutions and all


So, that time of the year has come, when we promise the time has come to change bits and bobs in our lives and be successful with that pesky list no matter what.
I’ve never really understood new year resolutions; ‘the year changes and so should I’ seems to be the message of the day, yet months change as well and I don’t see a lot of people wanting to do things just because March turned into April (or do they?) However, this year…

This being my first year as a professional artist, it changed everything – I’m making long-term plans for my business, I’m going for changes on my personal life and I even enjoyed what I used to think of as the ‘pesky Christmas spirit’ – I even sang Christmas tunes! I must be morphing into another person altogether.

So here are a few resolutions on the professional front:

  • Make more fun animals! I loved making sloths and I’d love to make some more.
  • Have new products (I’m thinking of a little bear-brooch-making-kit perhaps…)
  • Make better use of my time (ooh, tricky)
  • Not have a meltdown (even trickier)
  • Make someone’s pet unicorn in felt (hey, it might happen).

And some resolutions for my personal life:

  • Bring my cats to London because I miss them like mad
  • Cook more and healthier (and even show my efforts here on my blog, with photos and all that)
  • (Re)start Yoga lessons
  • Lose the weight I gained during Christmas, preferably before the next one shows up in the calendar

I can’t wait to get to March and see how I’m doing. Probably terribly, but hey.

So… these are my resolutions. What are yours?


4 responses to “It’s that time for new resolutions and all

  1. one of mine is to hang out on wordpress more!
    i’ve become a terrible blogger… and even worse at reading. i miss it.
    “make more time for idle things that make me happy” <– there. official.

    • Mine too, Fiona! I have the attention span of a goldfish and I keep forgetting WordPress has the Reader thing, very useful to find thing to… well, read.

      If you find the magic formula for the idle things bit do share it with the world 😀

      • i’m working on it RIGHT NOW 🙂

        happy new year, by the way – i hope it’s massively successful for you (but in a balanced way 😉 )

  2. Thank you! Who cares about balance? Let the mayhem begin!

    (I hope the gods of craft were distracted at this point)

    Happy new year! xx

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