On the last day of the year… and yarn.

Let me get things out of the way by admitting this: I am an addict. Not for recreational drugs, not for alcohol, but for… wool. Hey, I didn’t become a needle felting artist for nothing. There is something to be said about the cosiness of a bundle of yarn on your hands, the texture, even the smell, which I love in all its sheepiness (what an appropriate non-existent word).

That’s why I’ll also have to confess I’m much more excited about the two balls of yarn I recently purchased at John Lewis than I am about this New Year thing. I mean, let’s prioritise our lives, shall we? I don’t know what the next 365 days will bring me, but I can certainly be sure I’ll be getting something out of yarn – hopefully an infinity scarf, and not a whole lot of frustration. But still.

Can you tell how squishy this yarn is just by the image?

Can you tell how squishy this yarn is just by the image?

Wish me luck on this infinity scarf thing

Wish me luck on this infinity scarf thing

For me, buying yarn is a little like romancing an attractive man – first there’s the careful approach, a little shy smile (‘is this going to be the one? The yarn that’s going to lead me into that glorious project?’) and finally the shameless grab-and-take-it-home-after-squishing-it bit (after paying for it, of course). I am nothing if not a romantic gal.
(Disclaimer: yes, I do this with strange balls of yarn; no, I don’t do this with strange men. Or men I know, for that matter. Just saying.)

This whole mess can be blamed on Debbie from The Crimson Rabbit – she asked me, a couple months ago, if I’d be her Beta Tester for a gorgeous new pattern she created. I was flattered, until I realised she was looking for someone who wasn’t very good, to see if they would fare well (I’m joking, she wanted a beginner, and I was indeed flattered). I was a bit afraid at first, but like any good addict, I promised I’d only do a little bit to help Debbie out and it all spiralled out of control, with knitting happening at two in the morning when I had to wake up early the next – hah, the same – day. I couldn’t put it down until it was finished.
You’ll be happy to know Mum was quite happy with it and even wore it two days in a row. I’m quite chuffed, and wasn’t put down by her comment on how odd it was that her daughter would be clever enough to follow a knitting pattern (she did say that. Ah, motherly love.)

I was silly and didn't photograph the rest of the scarf, but here's the first 16 rows.

I was silly and didn’t photograph the rest of the scarf, but here’s the first 16 rows.

Please ignore any mistakes I might have made. I had to tink ('un-knit') quite a few times until I got the hang of it

Please ignore any mistakes I might have made. I had to tink (‘un-knit’) quite a few times until I got the hang of it

So. Ahem. Is it terribly naughty of me, then, to wish I could take this gorgeous grey-and-black chunky yarn with me for the New Year party at my friends’ house tonight and just knit away, oblivious to the people around me? I could even growl if someone was foolish enough to attempt any form of social interaction with me. Tempting…

Oh, right, I almost forgot: happy new year.


6 responses to “On the last day of the year… and yarn.

  1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who does this! And I’m not even a knitter although I’m hoping to learn crochet, I have a hook on it’s way to me today!! Love reading your blog posts! Wider how many rows you’ll get done tonight?!? 😉 x

    • I’m ashamed to say the addict bit of me has reared its pretty head and I have done five rows whilst waiting for lunch to warm up… Feel quite tempted to go back to it now that food is gone, but… must… be… strong!

      • 🙂 I’ve managed to do my first crochet but I’m not sure I’ll ever really do it properly, keeping thread tension is hard with my fingers x

      • Keep practicing! My first few attempts were terrible, I stopped for a while but something must have stuck in my memory, when I got back to it (years later, really) I was sooo much better… And don’t worry about fingers, it has nothing to do with it: just keep a loose hand and remember, it’s all in the wrist 🙂 xx

  2. Yay for knitting and beta testers! 🙂 So glad to have re-energised your enthusiasm for the sport! I haven’t used Rowan’s Drift yarn before although have been looking at it recently, as a coincidence. Looking forward to hearing what it;s like compared with the Cocoon – love the colour of this one – are you doing the scarf in garter stitch? Bet that yarn would look dead nice in moss stitch too…

    • You call it re-energising, I call it ‘waking the beast’ 😀 I’m finished with the knitting bit already! Oh my. Rowan’s Drift is quite nice, it’s squishy and warm (although slightly coarser than Rowan Cocoon). As soon as I’m done with the joining of the two ends I’ll take a photo and post it here so you can see what I’ve done (and hopefully clap and not scowl?)

      I’m doing it in seed stitch – my favourite 🙂

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