Being born in January

Having a birthday in the beginning of January is pretty much an annoying thing. It has less to do with the fact that friends and family will try to give you one Christmas-and-birthday present (that, I’m sure, is much worse for those actually born on Christmas eve or day) and more to do with other things such as friends being away for the holidays, being hungover from New Year’s and/or broke (and so unable to go anywhere to celebrate with you.)

I am pretty much used to having crappy birthdays, so I got used to having no expectations or wants; in fact, I got used to transferring all the fun I’d like to have on ‘my day’ to Better Half’s day in February.

This year… it was very different. And it has a lot do to with crafting, although indirectly. Allow me to explain:

  • If I hadn’t started my business, I would never have started a part-time job either, and I would never have met the lovely girl whom I work with, Farrah. She does indeed deserve a serious word of appreciation for being a really good friend. She also got me a present and gives me unexpected pecks on the cheek (extra brownie points for her!).
  • If I hadn’t started my business, I wouldn’t have met another lovely lady who has gone from customer to collector to friend, who also sent me a surprise-package which arrived on the right day (hello, Hazel!).
  • I think I’d be a horrible person if I didn’t get to work on what I love all day, and this means Better Half wouldn’t give me the wonderful things I got either because I’d just be a Grump.

See? It all comes together when life makes sense.

Here’s a brief overview of all the nice things I got.

I received a book on the ‘art of display and arrangement’ which comes in handy for product placement in photography. The author is Tim Rundle and you can purchase it here. Notice how I already read some of the rules, I have my items together by colour on the first photo…

The REN body products are from Farrah and they’re not tested on animals, which means she pays attention to what I like. Aw…

The yellow and blue books look, for me, like instructions for humane beekeeping and how to make posh jewellery. They’re actually blank books I fell in love with when I went to Anthropologie (Better Half took note and bought them for me after I decided not to, since I couldn’t just have one, and two were too expensive). The blue box is Hazel’s surprise-box.
Little detail: Better Half doesn’t think of himself as a romantic, yet the blue book was found under my pillow at night and the yellow one on my work desk the following morning. Food for thought…

The lovely presents from Better Half and on the left upper corner, my friend from the other job

The lovely presents from Better Half and, on the left upper corner, from Farrah, and the blue Mystery Box from Hazel

Hazel Porter is a nice person all around and I’d love to meet her in person some day. She has been responsible for some huge smiles and fuzzy feelings this past year and I can’t thank her enough. Do pop by her Facebook page Nugget Says and send her some love, she makes lovely things that would look great on one’s home or body (not at the same time).

Look at all the cute things I got from Hazel!

Look at all the cute things I got from Hazel from Nugget Says!

Pretty pretty handmade bracelets by Nugget Says

Pretty pretty handmade bracelets by Nugget Says

A perfect ring by Gallons of Ink

A perfect ring by Gallons of Ink

The most perfect purse by Hannah Stevens - I'm smitten with it

The most perfect purse by Hannah Stevens – I’m very much smitten with it

I was silly and forgot to take up-close photos of the brooch pin and Body Shop products, but rest assured they have all been admired and re-admired and there are grand plans to wear each and every little thing very, very soon. Some I already have, in fact. Hah.

Ooh, and one last detail: weather. I’m also used to weather being crappy on my birthday, yet this year it was different – it was… schizoid, so to speak. It began with perfect sunshine, then it rained, it poured, there was lightning and wind, then hail, then sunshine again. I didn’t get wet and got to walk around London and find new corners to explore. So… what’s not to love?

Thank you for making my birthday feel special in a long, long time, you lovely lot.


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