My infinity scarf is done

So… I finished my scarf and completely forgot to show you how it turned out. 

Finished infinity scarf I

It’s not the most perfect scarf in the world, but it was a joy to knit and I think it took me about four hours to complete, minus the sewing bit. I just used a regular seed stitch with the thickest needles I had (I think 12 or 15 mm ones) and it was a breeze. I cast on about 19 stitches, I believe, and used up two balls of yarn.

Finished Infinity scarf II
In hindsight, I think I should have cast off a bit earlier so I could have a shorter scarf, because it’s slightly too long and it doesn’t sit too snuggly against the neck in the front. It still looks lovely when worn, though, so it’s not a huge problem. It’s also warm and I just love the grey and black shades! I’ve worn this quite a few times already.

scarf on me IScarf on me II

My friend Farrah wants me to make her one, which I would absolutely adore – this kind of knitting doesn’t require any thinking on my behalf, so it’s a great wind-down television-watching activity.

Hm, I think I’d like to keep this knitting thing going for longer. I’d love to try some leg warmers next, let’s see.


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