Dogs, dogs, dogs. (And whippets, too!)

When I started this great adventure that is professional fibre artistry, I never imagined I would end up making so many needle felted pets. It all started with a friend of mine, who owns a whippet, and dared me to make a 3D portrait of his furry baby. I obliged, he shared my work around the internets and voilรก, my new vocation was born.

I really enjoy making all breeds of dogs, although cats still scare me a bit (they are so much more intricate to make, and so much easier to get wrong…) I do end up making more pure breeds and, the most popular breed among my customers is – you guessed it – whippets. However, any whippet pet parent will tell you that whippets are a lot more than mere dogs – they act like pooch royalty.

So, I decided to work on something new for the whippet lover – a stylised version of one, like a design piece, fit for every modern household. Whippets have thatย special body shape which allows for a lot of exaggeration, and I wanted to have that. This is the prototype, which I will be asking you, and my Facebook page followers, for feedback on.

What do you think?

Pah! I think I'm rather gorgeous.

Pah! I think I’m rather gorgeous.


9 responses to “Dogs, dogs, dogs. (And whippets, too!)

  1. Oh wow it’s incredible! You’ve really IMHO, really caught the whippety Essence and charm and movement and yet it’s so simply stylish! Blown away by your art ๐Ÿ™‚ xxx

  2. I want to see whether white tickles anyone fancy, I myself love the crisp, sleek look of it like this… But I could accept customisations, yes ๐Ÿ™‚

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