Random posting. Because.

It has come to my attention that all of my post writing lately has been going on exclusively in my head. Since I don’t suppose any of you have mastered the art of mind reading, I thought it might be a good idea to just quickly whip up a wee post of sorts with news.

#1 – I am still knitting like tomorrow is Judgement Day. I am currently working on a summer sweater of sorts, and will post photos when I have reached a decent size.
Note to self: silk thread, on size 4mm needles, tends to take a loooong while to knit.
Second note to self: photographing black yarn is a challenge – should I start wearing colours? (Hah, right.)

#2 – It’s amazing the amount of SPAM comments this blog has received. I only wish some of them were of people promising to give me money instead of asking for it.

#3 – Felting has been happening. I wish I had an extra pair of arms so I could felt and knit at the same time (I’d probably also need an extra brain to master both, but I digress).

#4 – I am working on a new project and hopefully will have news in the next few months. Hopefully.

I’ll leave you with some photos, hopefully they’ll distract you enough into thinking this is an actual, factual, real post.

Mini Levi with the original Levi. They now live in the States.

Mini Levi with the original Levi. They now live in the States.

Sumi, another whippet commission. She's a beauty!

Sumi, another whippet commission. She’s a beauty!

Mouse the whippet (yes, that's her great name!)

Mouse the whippet (yes, that’s her great name!)


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