Finished Object – Silken Straw Summer sweater

It's slightly transparent...

A few months ago, if someone asked me whether I swatched my wool before knitting the full item, I would ask, “What the heck does a 80’s wrist watch fad have to do with knitting?”

Now I know better, so you can stop laughing or yelling at the screen over my stupidity.

Before I made this, my very first sweater, I did swatch. Thank you, knitting podcasts’ authors, for letting me know what that was all about. I was lucky because the pattern’s swatch didn’t require I wash it, so it means I cheated – I swatched and, making sure I was spot on, ripped it all out; I wasn’t sure I’d have enough for the whole project.
That, by the way, was stupidity #2, because I bought a whole cone for the project and it turns out I had about half of it left after I was done. Stop laughing.

Sorry for the terrible image. Black is hard to photograph!

Sorry for the terrible image. Black is hard to photograph!

I had a lot of firsts for this one: first sweater, first pattern with increases and decreases, first i-cord, first silk yarn and also, first blocking. Considering the length of the whole thing, I think I was quite quick (obsessed with) finishing it. Took me about three weeks, I believe.

I have worn it since, and although it does fit, it’s a tad big. I don’t know exactly where I went wrong, since the measurements the pattern called for were right for me, and the swatching was also spot on. However, I did find out my tension changes depending whether I knit in the round or flat, meaning I am a tighter knitter in the round, and – stupidity #3! – didn’t change to smaller needles when I started knitting flat; this explains why it’s a tad wider on the shoulders, but not on the waistline.

Can you see my looser knit around the shoulders?

Can you see my looser knit around the shoulders?

So… moment of truth: I am happy with it, it was my first try, but… I am thinking whether I’d have the courage to rip it off and start again. Argh.

The pattern is Whit’s Knits: Silken Straw Summer Summer Sweater, and I used 4mm circular needles. I got the pattern here and the yarn (which is not the same brand as what they call for, but the same type and weigh) here.



2 responses to “Finished Object – Silken Straw Summer sweater

  1. Beautiful job Leonor! I haven’t knitted in ages. I didn’t know what swatching was either. Thanks for pointing it out. You always learn something with every new project no matter how long you’ve been doing it. 🙂

    • Thank you, Marilyn! This has started to become an obsession, so I have to use it as an incentive for other things: “If hoover the whole flat today, I get to knit at night” 🙂

      Glad to know I wasn’t the only one not knowing what swatching was!

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