It’s giveaway time!

UPDATE: This giveaway is closed and the results have been shared on my Facebook page. Thank you!


You’ve asked for it, and here it is: I’m giving away a creation for free.

These mini woollen toadstools have little hearts for dots, to remind you that love can be found just about anywhere. They have sprouted on a lush two-tone green surface, which in turn rests on a salvaged driftwood disk.

I made the toadstools with one single felting needle and I’ll admit there was a certain amount of cursing when the hearts refused to cooperate, but the result is just oh so pretty.

This is one cute piece of decoration which suits anyone with a love of Nature. It’s for those who dream of beautiful otherworldly creatures living in our gardens and who wish fairy godmothers would visit more often.



So, what to do to qualify for this giveaway?

  • Like my Facebook page, and the Giveaway Post there (it will be pinned to the top until Friday 6th June)
  • Leave me a comment here telling me why you’d love to take this home.

Please do both to qualify.
Winner will be chosen at random and announced here and Facebook on Friday, 6th June.
I will try to contact the winner, but do come back to check if you’ve won, I’d hate to have you miss out!

This giveaway is open to anyone over 18 who wishes to enter and is in no way affiliated with Facebook or WordPress.
This is a collector’s item, not a toy.

Good luck!


(…and just in case you prefer my other, classical toadstools, my Etsy shop has a few waiting for new homes)


39 responses to “It’s giveaway time!

  1. I would love this piece because we are moving house, so would be my first new item for the house plus the garden lookalike faeries live there x

  2. I’d like to win these cute, amazingly tricky looking toadstools.. To have on deplay at ours. As there are some wooden toadstools in Horsham park, my son is obsessed with, he’s familiar with them (and fairys, my bad hehe) and these toadstools also look like they signify our magic little relationship, it’s always been just me and him since day 1, just mummy toadstool and baby toadstool.. And mummy loves her baby toadstool in an unconditional, magical way. 🙂
    Plus, I’m no where near as talented enough to ever make anything that good!

  3. I would like to win this prize
    ’cause it’s so pretty in my “eyez”
    toadstools with little hearts for dots?
    oh my gosh, i love them lots!
    Sorry for the bad rimes
    But i just wish the toadstools were mines.
    If i don’t win just keep on felting
    Cute stuff that keep our hearts melting.
    I know i have no business in poetry writing
    But i had to take my chances in trying
    Ok, ok i’ll just stop
    Don’t be too mad, your head will pop.

    Vitor Serra

  4. I would love to win this because it’s so cute, and I have a lovely little clay owl and a small clay dragon it would look great next to! X

  5. Because it’s made with love and would be a constant reminder that love is everywhere even in a toadstool. 🙂

  6. Well, I really NEED this piece, as much as I want it! I would like to decorate and area for my new mini mystery Japanese Chin from Susie H: ‘Kinzo’. The colours are perfect as he’s white and black and has a red bow tied round his (rather large) tummy. Plus, the hearts will always remind him how much I love him ❤ 🙂

  7. This beautiful little teeny tiny toadstool would look amazing on my mantelpiece in my newly decorated living room. And would make a wonderful talking point. X

  8. I would be really thrilled to win these gorgeous toadstools. I bought some of your fab toadstools for my Christmas Tree last year & I’m missing them already. If I won these I could enjoy them all year! X

  9. I’d love it because I want to give it away to my neighbour who is very poorly and I think she needs some magic to go along with all the luck we wish her and her young family.

  10. I would love to win your pretty little toadstools, I needle felt too and these would inspire me to felt some little forest critters.

  11. Oh, this is super-sweet! You’re so talented! I’d look perfect on my working table beside my tree stump pincushion 🙂 Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  12. It would compliment my new birch fairy house from Woodsplinterworkshop (crafter on facebook) perfectly! x

  13. So gorgeous, I would love to win, to locate near my fairy door, so the fairies have somewhere to play on each side. XXXXX

  14. It will keep my pony Silver company on the windowsill overlooking the garden and definately bamboozle Boots the Greyhound as to what it is! Plus if I squint it’ll lok the right size when I see hedgehogs at the bottom of the garden 😀

  15. It will keep Silver, the pony company on the windowsill overlooking the garden and if we squint it’ll look the right size when the hedgepigs appear at the bottom of the garden 🙂 Plus it will bamboozle Boots the Greyhound as to what it is!

  16. I knew, I knew, I knew! So finally the therapist will see they really exist! That condescending gaze every time I comment how comfortable is the big shiitake in his office, when he invites me to sit, was almost making me believe I was acting kooky. Uff!

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