On the generosity of friends

I know, I know – it’s cheesy, but still true: it’s great when you have friends. In this day and age, friends don’t even have to be people you’ve ever met in person, which I reckon might confuse some of our grannies. Yet, here they are, people whom you’ve written to once or twice on a social website and things just went from there.

I’m always touched, chocked and amazed when someone I know does something nice for me (which should tell you something about the expectations I usually put on people) and there are a couple of ladies who never cease to surprise me with their generosity.

The first lovely person I need to mention is Hazel from Nugget Says. She knows I love fibre and when she saw some wee wool on branches during one of her walks, she just went ahead and sent it to me (not for the first time, either). And with a really cute tag, too! Nugget, by the way, is the name of a hamster Hazel used to have, but who’s sadly passed away a few years ago. Do check out her Etsy shop, she’s got some lovely housewares and takes custom orders.



She’s also made me these bracelets. How cute are they?


Another very nice lady I should mention is Nikki from Created by Nikki. She is just someone I think goes out of her way to help others and I’m always wondering what her next crafty project will be (here’s her Etsy shop page.)
This one day she just messaged me on Facebook asking whether I’d like to have some wool she had laying around her place, and when I said yes she just posted me two bags of this dark brown loveliness (this is raw wool, which means it needs to be washed and processing – I’ve done that and will show it in another post).


So let’s hear it for friends! And wool. But mostly friends.


2 responses to “On the generosity of friends

  1. Wonderful People Attract Wonderful People.
    You are pretty amazing yourself there kiddo!
    Love your blog – and all your creations.
    You’re right about Nikki – she is one amazing lady!
    Going to check out Hazel at Nugget Says now.
    Thanks! ENJOY your wool bits. How FUN!

    • Aw, thanks, Trish! You’ve made me blush a little now 🙂 Do go check out Hazel, she’s got some very lovely things and she’s also a great person to know!

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