Goodbye, my furry friend

I had another blog post thought out for today, about a wonderful purchase I made a few weeks ago that I’m very happy about, when the joy of writing about it was overshadowed by some sad news: my youngest cat, Matias (“Mah-teeash”) is, as I write this, under veterinary care with a very grim prognosis. So you will excuse me if I feel I should write about my furry friend instead.

Matias is one of the felines I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my life with. He is quite a big boy, with a lovely (albeit dandruffy) black furry coat. He has an unwavering trust in his humans, allowing us to pick him up and put him in the oddest positions, like head-down – he would just look at me with infinite patience when I did this, surely thinking about how mad this female was. He also had a very silly meow when he wanted attention, which was often.

Matias came to me after some adventures of his own – he was adopted by someone who then decided to abandon him in the unsafe streets of Lisbon. I was one of the volunteers who offered to look for him, then gained a bad cold in the process, and a visit to the hospital emergency room afterwards, due to severe asthma. I didn’t mind.
Eventually Matias was found, but since no one could take him in I decided to foster him for a while. One week with this lovely boy and my heart was his.

He was a caring nurse to all the cats I’ve had who succumbed to kidney failure. When all the other cats hissed at my sick cats (first Bob and then Ollie), he was the one who would come up and groom them, and offer some warmth. I’m sure he could tell the other cats were quite ill, since they smelt differently, but Matias was unwavering in his love and care. For that, I shall always be grateful.

Now he is the one who’s sick. His kidneys have stopped working and there is really nothing more we can do for him, except make him comfortable and thank him for all the companionship he gave us.

To most of you, he might be just another black cat – to me, he is the embodiment of love, cuddles and some sleeping discomfort (he liked sleeping on my legs and treating my bum as his personal pillow.)

In a few hours, he will have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Goodbye, my friend. I love you and will miss you dearly.

My sweet and silly boy Matias

My sweet and silly boy Matias


9 responses to “Goodbye, my furry friend

  1. This is so very sad. Over the course of my life I had to say goodbye to four dogs (and three of them died in my arms) and it never gets any easier. I am so sorry!

    • Thanks, hun. This was my fourth cat, and the only one I couldn’t have in my arms… But these difficult moments shall never overshadow all the wonderful ones I had with them! x

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