The 20 Facts challenge – edited

20 Facts Challenge

*** Since writing this a few hours ago, and getting some comments about it on Facebook, I have added a few more facts, which will make it reach 20. Yay! ***

I was challenged on Instagram by Nikki to write down 20 things about me. It took me almost a week to come up with eighteen, but I did manage to keep my head from exploding.

Hopefully this will be somewhat interesting and shed some light on those odd behaviours people like to point out and run away from.

  1. At the moment I was greeting the outside world for the first time, my father was inside a hole, digging for concealed weaponry. He’s a police detective, in case you’re wondering.
  2. The very first thing my mother said to me when she laid eyes on me was, “Poor thing, she’s so ugly!” Ah, motherly love.
  3. My childhood was spent in China, in the city of Macau.
  4. I used to be fluent in Cantonese, down to the slang – was terrible at my mother tongue, though (drove my mother mad). I learned it, as well as English, watching television.
  5. There was only a 25% chance for me to be born a blue-eyed blonde – both my parents have brown eyes and hair. No, I’m not adopted, although my mother used to swear she found me on her doorstep in a supermarket bag.
  6. I have a college degree in Psychology. Never intended to use it professionally though, and I guess I’ve been remarkably successful at it so far.
  7. I used to be a body piercer, and that came after the college degree. I like to do things in a different order than most.
  8. I have a mild blood phobia, that I had to ignore whilst piercing people. Sadly, I managed it quite well, so no gory stories to tell.
  9. Speaking of phobias, I also have a wet hair phobia – wet hair on the tub makes me gag. The funny bit is, I work with animal fibres, which can sometimes look like hair, which in turn made my alpaca washing experience a very interesting one inside my head.
  10. Until a few years ago, I was a ‘proper goth,’ right down to the boots, the long skirts and corsets. What happened? I got lazy. Sad but true.
  11. I still wear black 99% of the time, since I was 12. Drove my teachers and school counsellors mad. Parents were alright with it, thankfully.
  12. I’ve rediscovered knitting not long ago, and am considering wearing colours because knitting in black yarn all the time is very boring. Some of my old school counsellors would have given anything to have this idea back then.
  13. I knit English style, but I purl Portuguese (look up ‘Portuguese Knitting’ if you’re curious!)
  14. My partner is a painter and a tattoo artist (not exactly About Me, but relevant for the two other points).
  15. One of my goals in life is to become a tattooed freak, and I’m working towards that goal, slowly. I’ll get there though, much to the dismay of my family. My partner is, of course, one of the culprits.
  16. If you’ve seen some of my parter’s paintings, chances are, you’ve seen me naked. I don’t look that good in real life.
  17. I like Frank Sinatra as well as Cradle of Filth. Hopefully you’ll never hear me sing either, it’s not pretty.
  18. My reading average is 40 books a year because I’m obsessive about it and won’t rest until that last page is read.
  19. I had to go into hiding with my mother as a baby because a drug dealer offered a bounty for both our heads. My father made a lot of friends on account of his profession, it seems.
  20. I know exactly what bone saws in morgues sound like, having worked right next to one for a while. Did I save the best for last?



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