Around the world blog hop… thing.

I must begin this blog post by saying I am definitely not a very good blogger. Don’t give me wrong, I write and produce posts at an alarming rate… in my head. Considering the purpose of a blog is to share those thoughts and ideas with others, this whole mind thing might prove to be a problem.

Sadly, this also means I was completely unaware of the tagging phenomenon between bloggers – until I was tagged for the first time. Yes, I am a techno-idiot. No, I won’t vouch to do better in the future.

So, having said all this, here it is, I’m being tagged by Debbie of The Crimson Rabbit to answer a few questions about myself. Although I am always curious about what others are up to, having been a Professional Snoop in the past in the field of Psychology, it’s quite weird to find that others might have the same inclination towards me. Anyway, here goes.


What am I working on?

Christmas. I am working on Christmas.
When I moved to the UK, I never imagined there could be a nation where the holidays were taken so seriously, or so early on. I’ve found out there’s people who’ve already finished their present shopping! Where I come from (Portugal) people like to leave everything to the very last minute, which makes for interesting shopping phenomena at, say 4pm on a Christmas Eve.

Recently, I was at a loss at to what to post on my Facebook page. I hadn’t posted anything the day before either, so I needed to get something out there, just so the Facebook powers-that-be knew I was alive; on a whim, I went for a slightly blurry photo of a few mini Christmas Trees I had made a few weeks before. I was planning on listing them on my Etsy shop, but my photo session hadn’t gone well and the resulting images were less than good.
Turns out people really liked my wee trees, for some reason, and they got shared a lot. I listed them on my shop, blurry pictures and all, and sold out in no time. I could get used to that (the selling, not the blurriness.)

The aforementioned blurry photo.

The aforementioned blurry photo.

It’s not even Halloween, but a precious lesson was learnt from this experience: never again look at small businesses like they’re from Mars when they say they start preparing for the holidays in June. I’m going to try to be one of them from now on. No promises.

Besides trees, I am working on Santa Minions. What are Santa Minions, you so cleverly ask? Well, they are Father Christmas’s stand-ins.
Everyone knows Santa can’t be everywhere at the same time. He also can’t appear in people’s houses when children are awake, for some reason. This makes parents’ lives a lot harder, since their sons and daughters will always try their very best to stay awake and get a glimpse of the elusive Man in Red himself, and possibly drive everyone mad with the resulting sleep deprivation and sugar rushes.
Have no fear, Minions to the rescue! Santa decided to threaten hire some of his helpers to go to people’s homes and pretend they’re him, in exchange for Summer holidays and lots of candy. This way, children will be fooled into believing Father Christmas is in the house and that presents are guaranteed. Also, they’re very handy on Christmas Day, as they can take all the bashing constructive complaints in his name when children find out some of the stuff they asked for didn’t happen.

Santa Minions to the rescue!

Santa Minions to the rescue!


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’d like to think one of the perks of having a chronically sleep-deprived, chocolate-craving, anxiety-ridden half-creative mind is that I will occasionally come up with something remotely interesting. My money is on the fact that, there being billions of people on this planet, someone somewhere will look at what I’ve made and not feel horrified; maybe they’ll even like it. Huh.

Seriously though, I don’t really know how to answer this question. All I know is, I try to have everything that’s made with these two hands come out as perfect as possible, and will often drive myself mad when one detail or another doesn’t suit my fancy. I will always prefer to turn someone down, than give them a subpar creation, and will always make sure I poured myself into my work and am as happy as can be with it before I send it. I much prefer spending an extra hour, or four, around something, and have it come out nicely, than to make more items in less time but knowing they’re not as good as they should. And I wonder why my Paypal funds are always so laughable…


Why do I create what I do?

In a very short answer, because I must. There’s really no other answer to this question. I know I’m extremely lucky that I get to try to earn a living working on what I love and am obsessed with, but make no mistake – I’d still be making Felt Buddies if no one cared for them. I just have to, it’s an impulse, I can’t (won’t!) control it. Unlike anything else in my life, I can think of felting, knitting, spinning and anything else fibre-related, from the moment my brain awakes, until it slows down for sleep. Frankly, I’m surprised I don’t dream of sheep.
The downside of this is, I work very long hours, often forget to cook or clean, and am one of those people who need to know when friends are visiting in advance so I can 1) stash the fibres away from all the surfaces, 2) pretend to clean one or two most commonly used surfaces, 3) pretend my life isn’t devoted to all my crafts first and foremost.


How does my creative process work?

I think, therefore, I am? Or maybe it’s I am, therefore I think, therefore things pop out that might get jolted down on a notebook, then turned into an actual felt sculpture. Let’s not mention all those things I wrote on my notebook that will never get a second glance, because they were written down during an insomnia attack and look like the ramblings of a mad woman (oh, wait…)

Much like Debbie of The Crimson Rabbit, I spent most of my student years daydreaming and doodling. I really couldn’t wait to get out of that classroom and do something more interesting. The problem was, I was told all my “creative things” should really be left to my “free time,” as they wouldn’t put bread on the table. I really should pay more attention and get a degree and pay my bills with a steady job, those voices said.
Turns out, the notion of a steady job no longer exists where I lived, and my college diploma is happily collecting dust in a posh tin. Turns out, I might have had a better chance at a steady job had I gone to art school, but I was the one who ultimately decided to believe those who told me otherwise, and it was my decision to try and be “proper.” I much prefer my pyjama-at-home days, and am much happier being who I am now. I think all the creative things I could have done in the past have accumulated and are now coming back with a vengeance, and I better listen!

So… my creative process is just something I have no control of, it’s like things pop up in my head and I just need to be clever enough to write them down and see to them at a later date, perhaps. I find insomnia also helps, for some reason, because my synapses must start firing randomly in my brain and I get ideas I’m sure I wouldn’t if I were well rested and calm.


Right, I think I’ve written enough about me. There’s fibres to be played with, after all, and when they call I must answer. I do thank Debbie for the nomination, I always enjoy a reason to stop and think about things a little more, and having to use a keyboard to write them down really helps my brain slow down and focus. If you could listen to my unfiltered brain, it might sound a little like “yeah, make that, then Post, how much for postage? Oh, and remember to buy (tea! must drink tea) those supplies, then photos. Squirrels? I like squirrels. What’s on Netflix? Ooh, a notification. Clean house. Fibres fibres fibres fibres.”

I tag Nikki of Created by Nikki. I should tag two other people if I can, but my mind is still thinking about those squirrels and tea…


2 responses to “Around the world blog hop… thing.

  1. Well done on completing your mission! 🙂 It was only a matter of time before you were infected with our unbridled enthusiasm for Christmas. So glad you’ve introduced Santa’s minions as Christmas time helpers – I think most houses will need one!

    It’s strange how so many creative types are pushed or pressured down the ‘sensible’ route by either others or ourselves. I see that starting to change though with so many parents these days taking the time (having the luxury of the time?) to both recognise and acknowledge their children’s inner talents and strengths as well as encourage them 🙂

    • I am indeed infected! And so ahead of time it’s mind-boggling 😀

      I hope you’re right about parents encouraging children to be more creative… There’s creativity in so much in life, yet we often forget it’s there! I think we can count ourselves as very lucky to be able to pursue our artistic endeavours 🙂

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