Fun with squirrels!

Just popping by with some photos of a (fairly) recent experience I had with some very cute squirrels. I went with a friend to one of the many parks London has to offer, she had a jar with some nuts and dried fruits in her bag, and suggested I feed them. I was more than happy to oblige.

At first there were no squirrels in sight, but as soon as I jingled the jar, out they came. Some were a bit shy, but two or three seemed very used to humans and approached us with no fear. They were chubby! They no longer hibernate because there’s more than enough food to keep them warm all year round, what with silly people like me offering them tasty morsels. “Where is nom noms, hooman?”

This little guy pulled my hand to make sure I wasn't hiding anything...

This little guy kept pulling my hand to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything…

At first, they would quickly grab food from my hands and run away to eat, then come back; until the one in the photos decided to just stay and eat. He also eventually decided that my lap was the place to be for a quick grab-and-munch!

Squirrels have the cutest tiny hands, and I loved feeling them on mine. It was so hard not to pet them, or touch their dandelion-looking tails…


I had to make sure I paid attention to the shyer ones, otherwise they wouldn’t eat. I threw some nuts farther away, and that helped the skittish squirrels. One of them finally tried to be brave and take some food directly from my hand, but jumped back when they realised “food” was actually my finger!

This little guy got so cheeky that he just planted himself on my lap and ate to his heart’s content. He got so comfortable that he eventually fell and scratched my hand in the process, but I didn’t mind. Later on, someone suggested I get a “anti-tetanus shot” – because we all know squirrels are rusty.

"Staying on your lap - direct food source!"

“Staying on your lap – direct food source!”

Since most of this blog has been about handmade things, I’d like to point out the beanie hat. See it? I knit it. There, craft bit sorted.


5 responses to “Fun with squirrels!

  1. You are very brave Leonor. When I was a young, I was cornered by a rabid squirrel, so I’m not a big fan. However, you look so happy and I’m glad you enjoyed the experience. I would have been running in the opposite direction.

    • Oh no, I can imagine how scary it was! The interesting thing is, rabid animals can also get very docile at the later stages of the disease… Not a good thing to know if you’re after a nice experience with them 🙂

      Animal population of public parks here in London is carefully monitored, so I know they’re not contagious (almost) for sure. You should have seen the looks in their eyes, Marilyn, as I was shaking the nuts in the jar! Too cute.

      • I’m sure they were mesmerized! They don’t look like they’ve missed too many meals. 🙂

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