It’s the New Year thing, and I’m already late


What was that? Ah, it was the sound of 2014 whooshing by, followed by January being almost gone. I guess I should put a 2015 Resolutions list out there, before December comes knocking, and then promptly forget all about them five minutes later.

My list isn’t fancy, or have a lot of life-changing resolutions, because knowing myself, I’d just feel overwhelmed and pretend this never happened. It’s also a personal and professional list in one go, just because. Here goes:


  • Read More Books
    Always proud to be a bookworm, last year I strayed from the path and read a total of… seven books. This isn’t counting technical reads, of which I did a lot; however, I do need my novels to switch off my brain every so often (and keep my sanity), so my goal for this year is 20 books. I’ve already finished 3 so far.
  • Cook More
    2014 should be dubbed the Year of the Restaurant or Takeaway Food. Looking back, it’s pathetic the amount of times my mind just went blank at the thought of having to come up with something to eat (left to my own device, I would often wonder if flour and water mixed together could be considered nutrition.) I have plenty of cookbooks and an amazing, very expensive, cooking machine, so it’s time to put them to good use and start cooking at home more often. I’m proud to say I have already started baking bread, and homemade meals have been quite the constant around here.
  • Work Smart, Not Hard
    Easier said than done. I think this is the staple of a lot of us passionate professionals – left to my own device, I can work for 14h and only get up for the ocasional (scrappy) morsel to keep the motor running. I don’t have children to fret over, and Better Half is also an artist, which means I don’t have an external source to tell me it’s time to stop working, so I need to learn to do this myself. Working too many hours isn’t healthy, so I’ve been trying to organise myself to work with better focus and actually enjoy my time off. It’s a hard process, one I’m trying to implement, but it’s not easy.
  • Begin Christmas in June
    The first year Felt Buddies began, I was a bit shocked to learn a lot of small business owners started preparing for the Holiday season in June. I think I actually laughed, the notion just sounded so strange to me; I guess the gods laughed right back, because this past Christmas was the busiest I’d ever been, and I had to work myself silly to keep up with orders. Live and learn, dear reader, live and learn.
  • Knit a Sweater/Cardigan for Myself
    Having bought some beautiful Madeline Tosh yarn last year for this sole purpose, and now am stuck with the But-it’s-so-pretty-what-if-I-mess-it-up-by-knitting-it-wrong phenomenon, which I’ll need to shake. I can just re-knit it if I mess up, right? (Right…)
  • Do at Least One Gift Knitting
    I am fortunate enough to have a few knit-worthy people in my life, so it’s time they start receiving more knitted stuff from me. I did get this resolution going this past Christmas, by giving my mother two neck warmers. This is also great for me to knit things in colours I would never wear myself.
  • Remember There’s an Outside
    The UK outdoors are amazing, you can’t walk far without stumbling into woodlands and its wildlife. I need to remember this more often and just go outside – this will be easier once the days get longer, but for now I’m still not too keen to leave my stash of wool behind and go explore…
  • Spin More, Learn Different Techniques
    Buying a spinning wheel in September was one of my best 2014 purchases. I learn something new every time I put my feet on those treadles, and there is so much I want to learn still, I just need to find the time to spin and not be afraid to mess up the beautiful wools I bought for that purpose.

So there you have it, a wee list. I hope I remember to come back to this in June to see how I’m doing. What are your resolutions?


4 responses to “It’s the New Year thing, and I’m already late

  1. Just catching up with blogs and found you have written a winter list too! Christmas starts in August for us and we still only just about make it all by the week before Christmas – exhausted! June sounds a good idea to be honest 🙂

    • I hope I manage to keep up with my list all year round! 🙂

      I can only imagine what Christmas must be like for you… If you give June a go this year, let me know if it helped (although I’m going to say it won’t, you’ll just sell more but still have to work work work until the very last days) 😀

  2. Just wanted to tell you I went browsing your shop today – because I am still fantasizing I will indulge in two felt boxers – and I love love those whippets! How are you doing with that list?

    • Hey, Claudia. Thanks, I’m glad you like my work 😊 I’m currently booked until June/July so if you happen to want boxers, let me know and I’ll place you in my list! There’s no obligation to place an order…

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