Boho Blues Neck Warmer, or, I Love Stress

This past Christmas, I was looking for something quick and fun to knit as a reward for keeping up with my crazy busy work schedule. I also wanted to work with chunky yarn, because I was craving squishiness in my projects. Enter The Boho Blues Neckwarmer (you can find the link in this Ravelry page here.)

I had never done cabling before, so I was afraid I might mess it up, but chunky yarn makes things a lot easier on the hands, and I had a handy crochet hook as a cabling needle. It bears to mention was a bit of a walking zombie at the time, but was still miraculously able to follow the pattern instructions, give or take a mistake that needed frogging (only half the project, but who’s counting?). I finished my neck warmer in two evenings, mistake included, and got so excited by cables that I decided to knit this up again as a Christmas present for my mum. Heck, might as well knit two of them for good measure, since I was trying to convince my brain I wasn’t busy or tired enough. Hah. That backfired.

2015-02-23 16.06.30

(The colours came out a little off in the first image, especially the blue one, so if you’re looking for a reference, the photo below is a much more accurate depiction of how it looks in real life.)

I should mention my brain doesn’t appreciate any extra work when it’s already overworked, particularly when I’ve labelled my knitting hours as ‘Relaxation Time.’ Following patterns, it seems, does not count as relaxation for my little grey cells. You see where I’m going with this? Yes, I had to frog another half a neck warmer because I missed one of the small cables on the sides. Oh joy.

2015-02-23 16.06.41

I was already pressed for time, so mistakes were not something I could laugh off (manic laughing was allowed). I had already told my mum they’d be ready in time for Christmas, and I hate breaking promises, so I’m glad Stansted Airport allows for knitting, as well as Ryan Air, because I was working hard on the second project until I landed in Portuguese soil. After, of course, ripped out some of it because – you guesses it – I missed another small cable.

2015-02-23 16.06.59

I wish I could say both neck warmers were finished before they were wrapped and under the tree, but nooo. Neither of them were, because I forgot to weave in ends and… purchase buttons. It’s times like these I’m glad I’m an only daughter, is all I’m saying.

My mother ended up buying the purple buttons later, the blue ones were in my nan’s stash, and it was her who stitched them onto the projects. Since my nan also wove in the ends for me, I’m now calling this a Fun Family Knitting Thing, and claiming the mishaps were Occasions For Growth. Ah, my Psychology degree put to good use.



7 responses to “Boho Blues Neck Warmer, or, I Love Stress

    • Thanks! 🙂 It’s actually less impressive if you think it’s done in chunky yarn, but I had a lot of fun, and learned a new technique. Win-win!

    • Thanks! I think the buttons look like they were chosen at the same time as the yarn (which they weren’t) 🙂

      Liebster award?

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