Knitting & Stitching Show 2015

***Note: this post is being published here and in the Felting and Fiber Studio blog simultaneously.***

If you’re in Europe and a fibre aficionado, you’ve probably heard of the Knitting & Stitching Show. It happens in a few different locations and dates in the UK, and is probably the largest fabric/fibre event in Europe when hosted in Alexandra Palace here in London.

As it happens, the Alexandra Palace (or Ally Pally as it’s also known) is only 45 minutes away, on foot, from my place; as it happens as well, I’ve been volunteering for the past two years as a member of the London Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, to work a few hours a day at a booth that serves as a hub for all such UK guilds. Not because I’m such a wonderful and helpful person, mind you, but because this means I get a free pass to come and go anytime during those 5 days (and, at £16 for entry only, I think it’s well worth my time).

Last year I got all mesmerised by the fibres and materials I saw, and almost went bankrupt. This year I decided to be good more sensible and buy only the things I absolutely needed, which worked to an extent. I also decided to focus more on my energy on the really good exhibitions, and that’s what I’m going to write about.

Let’s start with an embroidery. How lovely and detailed is that?

2015-10-08 15.03.29

Art wasn’t just in 2D, the sculptures were very interesting as well.

2015-10-08 15.04.41

A glass and wool sculpture by Helen Pailing. She aims to use remnants from the glass and wool industry and incorporate them in a way that makes them not only art, but something you can keep instead of take to a landfill.

2015-10-08 15.06.05

The Wishing Tree by Eileen McNulty. Just look at those little details.

2015-10-08 15.10.30

I don’t know the author of this one, but here is ‘Palace,’ made with cocoon stripping paper and silk organza. The theme of this booth was vessels.

2015-10-08 15.11.03

Elena Thomson embroidered a sieve. Would you have thought of that? I think this would be wonderful to confuse old ladies.

2015-10-08 15.11.49

‘Stumpwork’ by Alana Chenevix-Trench.

2015-10-08 15.12.08

And a lovely sheep by Margarita O’Byrne.

2015-10-08 15.12.31

Then I went to Studio Art Quilt’s Associates (SAQA) booth that just blew my mind. I had no idea these detailed works of art could be made in that technique. The theme was Food For Thought and this is ‘Mushroom Frittata’ by Jean Sredi.

2015-10-08 15.13.04

‘Pepitas’ by Vicky Bahnhoff.

2015-10-08 15.13.41

‘Yum! Pineapple Upside Down Cake’ by Diane Powers-Harris. Yes, this is still a quilt.

2015-10-08 15.13.58


‘Il Mercato’ by Jeannie Moore

2015-10-08 15.14.30

‘Elegant Edibles’ by Jennifer Day.

2015-10-08 15.14.46

Then, dolls. Who doesn’t love dolls?

2015-10-08 15.20.30

This one was my favourite: what a grumpy face.

2015-10-08 15.20.57

These two sculptures surprised me, as they’re made from a traditional paper folding technique native to the Philippines.

2015-10-08 15.23.43 2015-10-08 15.23.50

And I saved the best for last: a fishmongers called Kate’s Plaice! Everything you see here is either knitted or sewn, and the details just make it extraordinary.

2015-10-08 17.54.54

2015-10-08 17.54.59

2015-10-08 17.55.07

The artist herself.

2015-10-08 17.55.17

Did you go to the K&S? What caught your eye? And am I going mad for taking more time to look at art instead of yummy yarn?


5 responses to “Knitting & Stitching Show 2015

    • Haha! All of those can be very modern, thankfully. I dare say you’ll never see me wear some of the old fashioned knits I see out there, but imagine my glee when someone comes up with a skull design! I’m secretly hoping for more gore in the fibre arts (in a good way) 😀

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