I’ve been knitting 

Happy New Year!

You might have noticed (or not) that it’s been a while since my last post. I was in a sort of blogging rut, I just couldn’t find my writing mojo.

However, it seems my knitting mojo was in full blast. I often say I love spinning fibre, but never know what to make with the resulting yarn. I kept saying it would tell me what it wanted to be when we were both ready, and it did in December!

It all started with a thick-and-thin art yarn I had made last Summer. I keep my personal stash in my bedroom, and one evening when I was reading in bed I happened to glance at it, and it told me it needed to be something immediately. I had to drop my book and go pick up knitting needles.
It certainly took some experimenting and ripping out, since I didn’t have a pattern. I knew I wanted something to wear around the neck, but I didn’t have much yardage and so had to make sure it wouldn’t end up being a child size project.

I basically knitted a large rectangle, and then folded it in half lengthwise, did a crochet bind-off, and then used the crochet needle again to attach this tube and turn it into a sort of infinity cowl.

I had made another skein from the same colourway (Little Briar Rose by Sara’s Texture Crafts in BFL), spun more traditionally, and I immediately felt compelled to make something that could complement my new project. I decided on wrist warmers. I didn’t have a pattern, I just did a knit 2, purl 2 rib in circular needles, then left an open space for the thumb by just knitting back and forth, then going back to circular. I picked up the stitches on the opening when I was done ribbing and made the thumb gusset (my first time doing that).

The reason they look different from each other is, I worked them at the same time, from opposite sides of the skein, to make sure I had enough yardage to complete them. I also wanted to make sure I used up as much yarn as I could, and this would help me get them even-sized. I really like the fact that they’re distinct, I believe it adds to their handmade nature.

After I was done with the above project, I felt the need to start another one, also with hand spun yarn from fibre I hand processed, from greasy fleece to batt. This time, I used some art yarn I had recently finished to make a fun hat.

For the spinners among you, this is a corespun yarn that was, in turn, super coiled (it was still only corespun in the above image). It’s very chunky and squishy, and the knitted texture is just amazing. I didn’t have much yardage, so I was afraid I’d run out of yarn (and I almost did), but I made it work.

My favourite side ended up being the reverse stockinette bit. It’s a simple circular pattern, that I bound off once I was starting to run out of yardage. This creates a hat with ears once you’re wearing it.

My mojo didn’t stop there. I had another skein made in the same technique, this time using Nicole Frost’s art batts. I wanted another hat!

See the tail on the photo? That’s how much yardage I have left. Playing Yarn Chicken with this one backfired, so it’s on a time-out until I figure out how to finish it. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

What are you knitting plans for 2016? Or plans for anything else, for that matter? Share them with me, I’d love to read about them.


10 responses to “I’ve been knitting 

  1. I really love that grey and pink cat hat! and that last yarn is so scrummy, and the wrist warmers are so organic and funky! glad you found your knitty mojo again ❤ i was given a pair of wrist warmers crocheted by a friend from an indie dyed mohair and they are the softest ones ive ever worn.
    No knitting plans here but lots of fun felting plans, like joining in with the felt and fiber forums quarterly challenge this year! i love playing with resists so first quarter is super exciting!
    glad your back blogging again! Nikki xoxox

    • Thanks, Nikki 🙂 Ooh, mohair is super soft, no wonder you love your wrist warmers.
      I’m happy you’re joining the quarterly challenge! It’s great to push one’s boundaries and see what happens. Looking forward to seeing what you make! xx

  2. They all look great, but I really love the last one, just how it looks in the photo 🙂
    I just ordered some more pencil roving waste to knit myself a neck warmer, but I want to learn how to do hats now!

    • Thanks, Zed! The last one needs to be finished, I have to think of a way 😀
      Hats aren’t that hard, I’m sure you’ll find a good free Ravelry download for chunky yarn – if not, just make something up as you go, I’m sure you’ll make something great!

  3. Great to see you back. I love pink, so your yarn is an instant hit with me. I never team it with great, which really helps make it pop. I wonder why not. Must give it a go.

    • Thanks, it’s great to be back! 😀 Pink isn’t normally my first choice, but this shade just won me. Pink and grey makes a great combination, do give it a go and see what you think!

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    • Thanks! If you’re ever stuck with what to do with art yarn, you can go to Ravelry and search for patterns that use only that. It can be interesting to see what’s out there 😊

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