I stand corrected (or, the prequel to the knitting frenzy)

On my previous post, I talked about how a sort of knitting frenzy begun with my wanting to use up my own hand spun yarn. I think my brain synapses decided to trick me, because I completely forgot about my very first project. It definitely wasn’t the one I mentioned on the other post, it was this:


Yes, it’s a pointy hat, resembling a gnome hat. It’s goofy, it’s silly, and it was a lot of fun to get done. Above you see the amount of yarn I had leftover, which was a pity (I love to use it all up whenever I can). It occurred to me I could make some flaps and use up more yarn, but come one, I wanted silly, not ludicrous. Right.

To prove my point, here’s a photo of me wearing it, looking slightly like a deer caught in headlights. Please disregard the general messiness of my work space behind (or come over and tidy it up for me).

After the photo, I decided I wanted to make a pompon to go with it. I really don’t go for pompons usually, so I’m going to blame my misfiring synapses again.
I used some chunky yarn I had in my stash (Sirdar Chunky), it’s a wool/acrylic blend that’s very soft, and the colours just looked right. However, this has added quite a bit of weight to the top, so the hat’s no longer pointy, it just falls behind the head. I wanted the pompon to stay up, so I need to either make a smaller, lighter one, or add some padding on the inside to give the tip some extra help. Or, I can just leave it well alone and learn to live with a hat that didn’t quite come out as planned.


What would you do? Let me know, because I’m sure undecided.


3 responses to “I stand corrected (or, the prequel to the knitting frenzy)

    • Wire near my scalp? I’m sure that would be a recipe for disaster in London 😳 I don’t think stuffing would make it heavy, but it might look unnaturally bulky…

      My mother says trim this pompon, so that’s another idea. I hate having so many choices 😩

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