Notebooks and wallets

A couple of weeks ago, a customer from Australia bought two notebooks from me. I don’t normally sell a lot of stationery (it’s a bit of an odd sock in my shop, I’ll admit, but I just love making them) so this was a very nice surprise. As I was preparing to send them Down Under, however, the same customer asked me to custom make him yet another notebook – his wife, he explained, liked to sketch a lot and she used them up rather quickly.

I love any excuse to play with paper and making felt sheets, so I was more than happy to oblige. I got my wool/bamboo mix grey batt to wet felt and turn into the cover, I dyed the yarn for the stitching (he wanted turquoise, so I also had to make the dye stock because I’d run out) and got out a trusty avocado pit button that I made a while ago.

Then came assembly: cutting the felt pieces to size, blanket stitching the cover, then adding the paper signatures and stitching the latter to the cover.
Now, since I was an idiot and forgot to take pictures of the finished item, here’s a picture of another notebook I made – the new one looked the same, except for the stitching colour.


After cutting the felt to size, I realised I had some leftover. Not much, but enough to annoy me whether I decided to throw it away or simply store it. Felt is meant to be something, not just compressed fibre, after all. So after I saw Zed’s blog post, I was inspired to make a little purse. My current one is falling to pieces, so that also helped my resolve.

I cut the sheet into a large rectangle that I folded in 3 unequal parts, and added a small rectangle above the lower folded bit to create an extra pouch.

After seeing how the lower bit looked simply folded over itself, I decided I didn’t quite like it, so I cut it; I still added the smaller pouch over this new larger rectangle. The end look would be the same but I think it made more sense like this, since I had to stitch the bottom end anyway because of the smaller pouch.

After stitching everything in place I cut the button opening and added the avocado button. Voilá, a new wallet! I didn’t create it with any particular measurements but it ended up being large enough to keep my phone in as well. But the best part for me? I only had two tiny bits of felt left, which you can see it the photo below, on the left. Win win!


11 responses to “Notebooks and wallets

  1. That looks really good, Leonor 🙂 I think your spare bits have already found a purpose judging by the pins in them!

    • Thanks, Zed! Haha, yes, for now those spare bits will prevent accidental pricks (and I’m trying not to smirk after writing that) 😀 Once I’ve cleaned up my desk I think they might be turned into dryer ball interiors 😉

  2. Years ago, at Tate Modern, I found this grey felt bag large enough for an artist’s portfolio that I used to death. Your notebook just made me think of it. You and I have to talk business. Once I am 100% sure I will be in London in November, I will commission a dog (and I might throw in a notebook too). So you won’t have to bother with the shipping.

    • Glad to! Just let me know in advance because dogs take time 😉 As for notebooks, my fingers are itching to make more! Bright yellow comes to mind, not sure why…
      It makes me so happy to hear you’re coming to London, I don’t know why but it’s like a validation to me, “I live in a great city” 😀

      • You live in my favorite city in the world, a city I thought I would never leave. But here I am, in LA instead. Already got tickets to the theater. Will start gathering suitable photos of Ottie – not sure if I want him reproduced as a puppy or an old guy yet.

      • Your two first sentences, let’s see if I’ll emulate them in the future… I love pictures of pups of all ages, so I want to see them regardless! 😀

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