Fresh news: a new website and a blog

Hello there!

Exciting news: I have a new website! That’s right, I’ve gone and created myself a great Felt Buddies HQ that I’m really proud of. The new website is on, please do check it out and send me some feedback if you feel like it. Your input would be really valuable to me!
If you’ve been following me for a while, you might notice that the website I just provided used to be for this blog, and you’d be right. I’ve changed things around a bit, so will now be my “proper” site and this WordPress site will be reachable either by typing, or you can use the new

New website photo

That’s not the only thing I’d like to change around here… I’ve been struggling with this decision for a while, and I hope I’ll get all your lovely people’s support – my new website has a blog section, and I’d love to be able to start using it. I do love WordPress and I’ve met lots of likeminded people since I’ve started, but to be able to have my whole brand under one roof has been a dream I’ve had for a really long time. If you could add my new web address to your RSS feed, I’d be so very grateful. I don’t want to lose touch!

In the meantime, I will be posting on both locations at the same time, just to see how things go, and to also redirect you to my new virtual digs. I do apologise in advance for all the talks about my new blog in the next posts, I want to make sure I tell everyone about it…
And, after I’ve just talked about posting on both blogs, I’m going to break the rules this once, just to see if I get any traffic over there. Read my new blog post by clicking this link.

Have you ever considered self-hosting a blog? Why/why not? Do let me know your thoughts, I’m still a bit unsure whether I’m making the right decision and your thoughts would mean a lot to me. Thanks!


8 responses to “Fresh news: a new website and a blog

  1. Loving the website and best of luck with your new adventures. I’ll be following with keen interest as I’ve been considering moving to self-hosting. I enjoy dealing with the technical side of things and would like a greater level of control over my layout etc. but at the same time, I think I’d miss the lazy convenience of and how it means I can just focus on making content for the blog. Let me know how you get on.

    • Thanks for the input and well-wishes! 🙂
      Yes, self-hosting just sounds more… professional. My only issue is that people who use WP’s Reader function will no longer see me or get notifications, so I’ll only have my social media to rely on. Not everybody uses RSS feeds to keep in touch.
      My self-hosted blog is actually a lot easier to use than WP. Go figure, huh? But like I said, it’s really more a matter of audience than ease in the end for me… Let’s see!

      • That’s a shame because the Reader function is actually really good. I guess you could try posting something about how to set up an RSS feed for the people who want to follow you but don’t necessarily know how?

        That’s interesting – what aspects of it do you find easier to use?

      • It is, that and the fact that you can subscribe to get an email every time someone posts is also a huge plus! Argh, I might have to keep posting on both ends 😩
        My website builder is just easier to use. I can add photos by dragging them anywhere in the post, plus I can pick and choose fonts, spacing and layouts…
        Ahem, I’d have to learn how to set up an RSS feed first… 😁

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